Dog Grooming : 6 Essential DIY Practices For Dog Owners

Dog Grooming -

Dog Grooming : 6 Essential DIY Practices For Dog Owners

Although many dog owners might opt to leave the dog grooming to the professionals, but hiring a dog groomer can sometimes knock your pockets hard. Grooming dogs at home not only benefits the hygiene and physical look of your furry baby, but it will also help you save a lot of money.

Before going further, let's make a case for what dog grooming is. Dog grooming refers to each the health and cleanness of a dog, also as a method by the fact that the physical aspect of a dog is augmented to show or other competitive varieties. Regular grooming of dogs can ease the maintenance of a clean and healthy home and jointly improves a strong bond with your dog. 

In this Article you will learn:

  • The right tools for grooming dogs.
  • A pre-grooming evaluation.
  • Dog bathing
  • Cleanup of dog teeth.
  • Nail cutting & Filing
  • Brushing & waxing dogs.

Work cannot start if not all the correct dog grooming tools are available. Without proper tools, nothing can be done. Having the necessary dog grooming tools will make you enjoy the work and facilitate the transition from beginner to being a pro.

The right tools for grooming dogs:

I highly recommend that you buy the Dog Grooming Tools Set Suitable for all dogs and cats. It is an excellent quality and a set of highly effective tools that will help you to save a lot of money.

Dog Grooming Tools Set - DogsMall-International
Dog Grooming Tools Set - DogsMall-International

 The Dog Grooming Accessories Package include: 

  • 1xDouble Sides Comb
  • 1xNail Clipper
  • 1xNail File
  • 1xPin Comb
  • 1xRake Comb

Now that you have everything you need to begin grooming your dog at home, let's go straight to work.

Check the eyes: Your dog's eyes should be damp and clear. The whites in the dog's eye should not appear colored and may have just a few visible blood vessels. If you notice any abnormalities, please contact your veterinarian at the earliest opportunity.

Check the ears: A normal ear canal should appear a pale pink color, it may have some wax but should generally be fairly clean and not smelly. Call your veterinarian if you suspect that your pet has an ear infection.

Check for ticks and fleas: It is important that you protect yourself and the family from parasites so be sure to check your pets regularly. The most efficient way to spot ticks is to feel your pet skin with your fingers. For a complete check of ticks, slowly feel your pet body everywhere. You're feeling for tiny lumps, bumps, or crusty spots, all of that will indicate the presence of a tick. Use the Flea Electric Dog Cleaning Comb to remove fleas and ticks without the need for chemicals. If you do not feel comfortable doing this exam yourself, you will need to contact your veterinarian or have a competent dog groomer do it for you.

Dog grooming tick and flea eliminator - DogsMall-International
Pet tick and flea eliminator - DogsMall-International

Dog Bathing

You should take great care not to put water in your dog's ears during dog bathing. Not only is it uncomfortable for them, but it's something that's going to cause health problems as well. Place cotton earplugs into the ears if you can't avoid watering them. Use the simplest shampoo which cleans and removes undesirable smells without removing important oils. Contact your veterinarian to determine the shampoo that best suits your dog. First,Wash from the neck down. Second, use a massage shower tool bath sprayer to wet your dog, this sprayer is especially designed for bathing dogs. Thirdly, use a damp cloth to clean a dog's face and finally, use a drying towel to dry your dog.

Dog Teeth Cleaning

It is suggested that you clean your fury friend's teeth in a coherent way. Brush with delicate strokes to wash teeth and gums, as you would your own. Clean the surface only because most pets will not allow you to brush them inside the tooth surface. make sure to accomplish the back upper molars and canines, as these teeth will in general rapidly develop tartar. Use the toothpaste and toothbrush of Canine, do not use human toothpaste for washing the teeth of your pet. 

Tip: Get the Interactive IQ rubber tooth cleaning toy to completely clean sprouts and stones on the front of the animal's teeth. This toy has 6 significant impacts: Molar teeth, maintenance of dental wellbeing, Improves intelligence level, Revives anxiety, eliminates math and cleans teeth.

Nail cutting & Filing 

Seek the help of a companion or relative by holding the head of your pet and providing consolation. No matter how passionate your dog is about having their nail cut, they will no doubt appreciate the hustle and bustle!

Starting at the end of its nail, cut at a point of 45 degrees with the cutting end of the nail clipper to the nail then, close your hand around the clipper to press the handle that will move the sharp edge. You can file the nail finish to smoothen out the cut surface.

Dog Brushing

Most dog parents realize that normal animal brushing eliminates the excess hair from their pet's coat and the excess hair they need to keep cleaning their home, vehicle, and clothes. It also helps to spread the normal oils that will keep your animal's coat and skin strong, making your dog puts his best self before. Always brush your dog along with the coat and abstain from pulling and extending hairs as this may harm your pet's coat.

I suggest brushing your fur baby at any rate 2 to 3 times a week since brushing is a major part of a professional dog grooming practice.

Recommended professional and very experienced groomers : Mobi Dog Groomer (South Africa), Aussie Pet Mobile Groomers (USA), Wet Pets Conversions (United Kingdom)

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