Protect Your Dog Against Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and Fleas -

Protect Your Dog Against Ticks and Fleas

Studies have shown how ticks and fleas are able to survive drought and the very cold season. A female tick that nourishes and reproduces can lay thousands of eggs at the same time. If your dog is bitten by a ticks or fleas, treat or ask for medical advice right away.
Please be careful and don't overlook any of the most common infections, Tape worms, Lyme disease, even Anaplasmosis can all be ticks- or diseases transmitted by fleas. These are extremely contagious and spread easily.

It is almost impossible to keep ticks and fleas completely out of the way however, there are some steps you can take to try to minimise the possibilities of contact with your pet.

Lean how to check Ticks and Fleas as a pregrooming assessment process at home.

Eliminate Ticks and Fleas at home


Ticks are small, blood-sucking bugs.They're arachnids and have eight legs, which means they're related to spiders. Ticks thrive in tall grass, weedy areas and bushes where they can easily harness a ride on pets and people as they brush past. One of the basic steps to prevent ticks in your yard is by simply keeping the grass well mowed.
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Fleas are little bugs that live on your pets and at home. They are a common problem for cats and dogs and sometimes affect bunnies too. Fleas can irritate and discomfort your pet and even make them very sick. If your dog has not been examined for a period of time or if you have tried a flea treatment in a pet store or supermarket and it has not worked, perhaps you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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Tip: Never use a flea treatment for dogs on your cat – this can be fatal. A wide range of flea treatments for dogs contain permethrin. This chemical can be life-threatening for cats. Be sure to use a flea treatment specially for cats and check all home flea sprayers for permethrin before using them around your cat.

Safe products to treat Ticks and Fleas at home

  • Electric Dog Flea Cleaning Brush: It kills fleas without chemicals, environmentally friendly, nonellegic and has the greatest efficiency.
  • Pet Tick and Fleas collar: It protects your pet against Ticks, Fleas and Mosquitos too. Aroma dispersion forms protective layer, It spread through aroma of essential oils to pet body. 

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