Adjustable TPR Neck Strap Relieve Anxiety

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Pet Calm Collar naturally reduces anxiety with appeasing pheromones that are activated by you pet’s body heat.

1.Adjustable size: The length is 38cm and 62cm, suitable for most dogs and cats. You can adjust the length according to your pet’ s neck to ensure comfort and it will not fall off.







2.Low sensitivity: Healthy materials and addition of non-allergic ingredients do not worry about animal allergies.









3.Continuous protection: Usually, the product can last up to eight months.









4.Waterproof: Even in the water, the collar can work, and the protection time will not be reduced.









5.Adjustability: Relieving pet anxiety, maintaining good mood and promoting healthy growth.




Material: plastics


Product Category: pet collar


Weight: 33.5g/60g


Size: 62cm/38cm


Applicable object: cat dog general purpose

Package Included:

Pet Calm Collar*1

The Adjustable TPR Neck Strap Relieve Anxiety is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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